It’s the little things that matter …

I have just set up this blog which will track my progress towards filming Every Little Thing. It’s a 25 minute ‘short’ film.

John Harris

In the middle of nowhere

Every Little Thing – precis

Self-absorbed salesman Harry Thorogood (32) wakes to find himself pinned under his car after crashing on a remote country road. He sees a stranger sitting nearby – watching him, but unwilling or unable to help. Somehow the stranger knows Harry’s guilty secret – he’s a hit and run driver. Harry eventually confesses, and gets ready to die. But he becomes increasingly obsessed with a small black beetle that survived the crash with him but is now on its back, helpless. At the last minute he rescues the beetle, and is rescued himself. Finally he has the opportunity to put a few little things right.

Here are two of my early storyboard sketches.

ELT sketch 2,3

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