Festival Awards for Every Little Thing

The short film Every Little Thing has been selected for several festivals – including the Chandler International Film Festival (Best short film), IndieFest (Award of excellence), the International Independent Film Awards  (Gold winner), the Garden State Film Festival, The International Christian Film Festival, WorldFest – Houston International Film Festival and the New York Short Film Competition.

“Every festival award or acceptance is an acknowledgement of the great work done by the actors and crew,” says director John Harris. “It’s also an encouragement for my writing.” He is currently writing the screenplay for a full length feature which will include most of the scenes from Every Little Thing.

As promised, we are arranging a second screening of Every Little Thing for those who missed the premiere.

wf-2017-gld-blkbg    IIFA laurel  elt-chandler-best-short-film

indiefest-excellence-words-black-1024x542   2017LAURELS_OfficialSelection  ELT Int Christian FF laurel


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11 responses to “Festival Awards for Every Little Thing

  1. Fabulous brother! Looking forward to seeing what follows.


  2. pamela

    YAY!! Congratulations!!! Well done John et al. Marvelous news of recognition for your efforts and talent. ‘Coincidentaly’, I had just been thinking about ‘Every Little Thing’ – your movie – when I opened the good news email!


  3. Robyn

    Wow John, what wonderful news and so well deserved. This is really exciting!!! Congratulations.


  4. Jodi

    Bravo John – that’s amazing success and recognition! I recall you mentioning one award… but three!? Perhaps I should have asked how your week was – oh well 😉 That’s so encouraging and just wonderful recognition. Keep up the good work!


  5. pamela

    CONGRATULATIONS dear John et all – marvelous news! But who’s surprised? Brilliant!! : )


  6. Pamela you deserve an award yourself for being so supportive. Thank you.


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