Every Role Important

Coben Storer picCassandra Woodhouse pic

The supporting roles for EveryLittleThing have been cast. “I’m really pleased with the calibre of the actors,” says director John Harris. “Even though they have only a few scenes in the story, every role is important and I wanted strong actors who will make their characters convincing.”

  • The hitchhiker Rachel will be played by Cassandra Woodhouse (above) (Outrageous Fortune, Shortland Street, The Almighty Johnsons, The Blue Rose.) “I love the karmic theme that flows through EveryLiittleThing and the universal message of hope it leaves,” she says. “The message that whatever has happened in your life – whatever your story – there is always the power in you to right your wrongs, make peace with yourself and live an authentic and honest life.”
  • The paramedic Curtis will be played by Coben Storer (above)  (The Z-Nail Gang, Shortland Street, Underbelly NZ: The Land of the Long Green Cloud and The Politically Incorrect Guide to Teenagers).
  • The widow Jean Bracewell will be played by Margaret Blay (below), a well-known actor with five decades’ experience (including roles in Power Rangers, Shortland Street, Spin Doctors and Interrogation).
  • Jean’s granddaughter will be played by Alice Jones (an Auckland intermediate school pupil active in singing, music and acting).

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