A work of art is?

MoonAngel wings10Mexican dung beetle

‘A work of art is an accumulation of details.’ Someone famous said that. And in our attempt to make EveryLittleThing a work of art, we are certainly having to take care of a lot of details.

Our shopping list this past fortnight has included two BMW car bodies, a Monarch butterfly, a set of angel wings, a photo of the moon, a bag of dry leaves, an owl, a weta and a Mexican dung beetle.

And that’s besides all the normal movie stuff – finding locations, sorting out costumes for actors, and booking camera and lighting equipment.

“At first I was calling EveryLittleThing a ‘short film’,” says writer-director John Harris. “But when you get into the detail, you realise there’s almost as much to organise for this film as there is for a full-length feature. Still, we believe it’ll be worth it.”

As Vincent Van Gogh said – ‘Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.’ And Hyman G. Rickover – ‘The Devil is in the details, but so is salvation.’

Filming begins in 12 days.

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