Crash start to short film

Car crash studio

Filming has begun on EveryLittleThing … and according to director John Harris ‘it’s going exceptionally well”.

The crashed car which features in the story was put in place (upside down) in the studio on Saturday, and designer Emily Harris and her team have spent hours surrounding it with realistic terrain.

When filming began today, the value of having experienced professionals quickly became apparent. “Fred Renata and the lighting and camera teams are fast and efficient, and they’re giving us great shots,” said Harris. “And the actors are a joy to work with.

“Emmett Skilton spent most of the first day lying under the car, uncomplainingly, and his performance was utterly convincing.”

Filming continues until Saturday.


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4 responses to “Crash start to short film

  1. Pamela Zane

    Looks like ‘EveryLittleThing’ is going to turn out [much more than] right! Go, go, go! Favourite actors, favourite team – lucky NZ, lucky world!! X pz

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  2. Jodi

    That’s great to hear! Have a fab week xo


  3. Janice Zane

    Love these stills, the sense of focus.Team oneness. Making mystery, tiny stuff, and major matters.

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