A magical shoot


Filming has been completed for EveryLittleThing, and director John Harris has sent a heartfelt ‘thank you’ to the actors and production teams who made the shoot a success.

“This was my first film and I was in awe of their energy, creativity and attention to detail,” he said. “They put their heart and soul into the production, and made the story come alive in a magical way.”

One of the themes of the film is appreciation of the small creatures around us, and Mother Nature was on the film makers’ side during the shoot. “We had eight straight days of sunshine,” said Harris, “and our cast of beetles, ants, birds and wetas were splendid performers.

“We used a macro lens to enter their world, and although we had to be patient we were captivated by their antics.”

•  Bridget Webber’s photo shows Brian Lawton of Creatures Unlimited with one of his starring Mexican dung beetles.

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