TV Cop will play Mystery Man

Neill Rea pic

Neill Rea, popular star of Prime’s crime series The Brokenwood Mysteries, has been cast as the mysterious Stan Bracewell in The Great New Zealand Film Company’s EveryLittleThing.

The story begins with a young man pinned under his crashed car in the middle of nowhere. Stan arrives on the scene but can’t or won’t help him.

“Stan Bracewell is an enigmatic character,” says director John Harris, “and Neill has the qualities and experience to bring him to life. I’m thrilled he has accepted this role.”

Neill, a Toi Whakaari graduate, made his feature debut as the flatmate Scotty in Scarfies (1999). He has also appeared in The Kick, The Warrior’s Way, Go Girls, Legend of the Seeker, Rude Awakenings, The Killian Curse, Spooked, The Strip, Mercy Peak and Shortland Street. Currently he is appearing in The Brokenwood Mysteries as Detective Mike Shepherd.

 The other key roles in EveryLittleThing will be played by Emmett Skilton and Peter Feeney. “It’s a great lineup,” says Harris.

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Every Role Important

Coben Storer picCassandra Woodhouse pic

The supporting roles for EveryLittleThing have been cast. “I’m really pleased with the calibre of the actors,” says director John Harris. “Even though they have only a few scenes in the story, every role is important and I wanted strong actors who will make their characters convincing.”

  • The hitchhiker Rachel will be played by Cassandra Woodhouse (above) (Outrageous Fortune, Shortland Street, The Almighty Johnsons, The Blue Rose.) “I love the karmic theme that flows through EveryLiittleThing and the universal message of hope it leaves,” she says. “The message that whatever has happened in your life – whatever your story – there is always the power in you to right your wrongs, make peace with yourself and live an authentic and honest life.”
  • The paramedic Curtis will be played by Coben Storer (above)  (The Z-Nail Gang, Shortland Street, Underbelly NZ: The Land of the Long Green Cloud and The Politically Incorrect Guide to Teenagers).
  • The widow Jean Bracewell will be played by Margaret Blay (below), a well-known actor with five decades’ experience (including roles in Power Rangers, Shortland Street, Spin Doctors and Interrogation).
  • Jean’s granddaughter will be played by Alice Jones (an Auckland intermediate school pupil active in singing, music and acting).

Marg photo file 035 copy

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Top Cinematographer signs on

Fred Renata. by Emma Badeia JPG

Fred Renata (Photo by Emma Badeia)

One of New Zealand’s most experienced cinematographers, Fred Renata, will be behind the camera for Every Little Thing. “Fred has a great eye for a beautiful picture,” says director John Harris, “and he’s excited by the creative challenge of filming the tiny creatures that feature in the story.”

Fred will be supported by a production team with years of experience in film and television – including line producer Janet McIver and art director Emily Harris.

• Director of Photography: Fred Renata. Fred’s film and television work as cinematographer has included Mt Zion, Street Legal, Magik and Rose, The Russians are coming, Nights in the Gardens of Spain, Doves of War, Orange Roughies and Fracture.

• Line Producer: Janet McIver. Janet’s credits as line producer include Matariki, The Hopes and Dreams of Gazza Snell, Jubilee and Broken English. She has been production manager on Power Rangers, Whale Rider, Once were Warriors, An Angel at my Table, and Came a hot Friday.

• Designer/art director: Emily Harris. Emily worked on the telefeature Piece of my Heart, and many of New Zealand’s best known TV series including Go Girls, Being Eve, Pet Detectives, Mercy Peak, Nothing Trivial, Agent Anna, Maddigans’ Quest and The Cult.

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Malevolent character cast


One of the country’s most experienced actors, Peter Feeney, has been cast in the role of the malevolent Nixon in the short film Every Little Thing, which shoots in November.

“I’m very fortunate to have an actor of Peter’s calibre in this film,” says writer-director John Harris. “He has a dry comedic touch, but he can also be decidedly menacing – which is what I want for his character in Every Little Thing.

“Nixon is a persuasive and scary character, but we get only a glimpse of him in the film. All the menace has to be conveyed by voice alone – and Peter is just the man to handle that.”

Peter has acted in TV, film and theatre since 1994. His film credits include Kiwi features Toy Love and the zombie hit Black Sheep. He’s appeared in numerous TV series including Agent Anna, The Amazing Extraordinary Friends and Auckland Daze, and Australia’s All Saints and Stingers.

Recently Peter played Rose Noelle skipper John Glennie in the tele-feature Abandoned, and he has a leading role in the upcoming NZ children’s TV drama Cul de Sac. Among his American credits are roles in Ash vs Evil Dead, Hercules, Xena, Cleopatra 2025, Legend of the Seeker, and 30 Days of Night.

Peter also works on occasion as a director, casting director, writer and teacher of acting.

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Lead actor chosen

Emmett Skilton pic1

Hot young actor Emmett Skilton (who played the lead role in The Almighty Johnsons TV series) has been cast in the short film Every Little Thing.

Emmett will play the main character, Harry Thorogood, a young salesman who wakes up to find himself pinned under his crashed car in the middle of nowhere. Filming is set for the first week in November.

Writer-director John Harris says: “Emmett really nailed the character in his audition. I’m thrilled to have him on board. He’ll bring intelligence and insight to the role.”

Emmett says what appeals most to him about Every Little Thing is that “at its core it is the universal story of ‘Bad-guy-goes-good’, but it’s been twisted into a very haunting yet beautiful, and uncomplicated yet unpredictable story of a man who is left to face his own music.”

Emmett lives part time in Los Angeles, where he studies at the internationally renowned acting school Stella Adler: Academy of Acting in central Hollywood. Among the techniques it explores is the use of deep and committed imagination in an actor’s work. Past students include Benicio del Toro, Nick Nolte and Mark Ruffalo.

Emmett will be seen here next year playing the lead role in the US feature film Bella, a touching story of a family challenged to communicate before it is no longer possible.

Emmett has a passion for the theatre, performing in at least one New Zealand theatre show a year. Recently he was in Between Two Waves – a play exploring climate change. He’s a script writer and producer too: shortly he’ll be releasing a comedy web series called Auckward Love, which also marks his directorial debut. The series has fun looking at the social expectations women face when they’re searching for true love.

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Rebooting the project

12 September

After a brief hiatus we are now rebooting EVERY LITTLE THING. John Harris has written a new draft of the script – adding an edgy new character who will raise the stakes, and Peter Feeney is auditioning actors for the key roles.

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Locations found

23 March. Mandy Harris has scouted a great location in Henderson for the important wide shots which will show the crashed car upside down in the field.

And conveniently just a bit further up the same road, she has found an old drain pipe which will be ideal for another scene where our heroP1000976 discovers a long lost bracelet


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Crashed cars

In our research we’ve collected a few pictures of what a car looks like when it’s upside down!

car upturned 2 car upturned

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It’s the little things that matter …

I have just set up this blog which will track my progress towards filming Every Little Thing. It’s a 25 minute ‘short’ film.

John Harris

In the middle of nowhere

Every Little Thing – precis

Self-absorbed salesman Harry Thorogood (32) wakes to find himself pinned under his car after crashing on a remote country road. He sees a stranger sitting nearby – watching him, but unwilling or unable to help. Somehow the stranger knows Harry’s guilty secret – he’s a hit and run driver. Harry eventually confesses, and gets ready to die. But he becomes increasingly obsessed with a small black beetle that survived the crash with him but is now on its back, helpless. At the last minute he rescues the beetle, and is rescued himself. Finally he has the opportunity to put a few little things right.

Here are two of my early storyboard sketches.

ELT sketch 2,3

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